Monday, 9 April 2018

Why today’s businesses embrace custom laptop sleeves

For any office employee, caring for a company-assigned laptop is not an easy task. One has to keep the battery charged, update all the drivers and application software as well as guard it against bumps, scratches, smudges, dirt, dust and most of all liquid damage. All of this while engaging clients, giving presentations, attending seminars, achieving monthly targets and finishing daily deadlines. In the corporate world, each person is made responsible for his or her own device and very few companies keep a lenient approach when employees actually have to pay for any damage.

     Thankfully, this scenario is slowly changing. Realizing the difficulties of caring for today’s delicate electronics, businesses have started equipping their staff with additional accessories. To keep track of pen drives, companies now provide key chains and lanyards. For mobiles with short battery life, employees are provided convenient charging stands. And for the staff members whose work depends heavily on laptops, businesses now offer customized laptop sleeves.

      Shedding the bulky design, today laptop manufacturers have fully embraced the ‘thin’ architecture design. This has resulted in their products becoming more fragile. Nowadays, not only are business laptops expensive but also get easily damaged. Not to mention the time consuming and costly part replacements.
     All these factors have made laptops an expensive investment. Businesses have started using customized laptop sleeves that not only protect their devices from a variety of damages but also market their brand.

     Besides the office, employees travel with their laptops to a variety of locations like restaurants, coffee shops, parks and the streets. Each of these locations is filled with newer people every day. Using laptop sleeves printing, businesses get the opportunity to promote their products and services to a new audience every day.

     Manufacturers of laptop sleeves printing are aware of this trend and present such clients with a variety of options like colour, size, material, adding custom text, logo or even a design.

     Another reason why companies use this product is for gifting purposes. Today, bulk quantities f laptop sleeves are available at cheap and economical prices; which makes them the ideal corporate gifts. Presenting such a gift to employees, clients and visitors at various corporate events, not only benefits the company due to brand promotion but also the receiver who can use such an item on a daily basis. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties!

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