Monday, 9 April 2018

Why today’s businesses embrace custom laptop sleeves

For any office employee, caring for a company-assigned laptop is not an easy task. One has to keep the battery charged, update all the drivers and application software as well as guard it against bumps, scratches, smudges, dirt, dust and most of all liquid damage. All of this while engaging clients, giving presentations, attending seminars, achieving monthly targets and finishing daily deadlines. In the corporate world, each person is made responsible for his or her own device and very few companies keep a lenient approach when employees actually have to pay for any damage.

     Thankfully, this scenario is slowly changing. Realizing the difficulties of caring for today’s delicate electronics, businesses have started equipping their staff with additional accessories. To keep track of pen drives, companies now provide key chains and lanyards. For mobiles with short battery life, employees are provided convenient charging stands. And for the staff members whose work depends heavily on laptops, businesses now offer customized laptop sleeves.

      Shedding the bulky design, today laptop manufacturers have fully embraced the ‘thin’ architecture design. This has resulted in their products becoming more fragile. Nowadays, not only are business laptops expensive but also get easily damaged. Not to mention the time consuming and costly part replacements.
     All these factors have made laptops an expensive investment. Businesses have started using customized laptop sleeves that not only protect their devices from a variety of damages but also market their brand.

     Besides the office, employees travel with their laptops to a variety of locations like restaurants, coffee shops, parks and the streets. Each of these locations is filled with newer people every day. Using laptop sleeves printing, businesses get the opportunity to promote their products and services to a new audience every day.

     Manufacturers of laptop sleeves printing are aware of this trend and present such clients with a variety of options like colour, size, material, adding custom text, logo or even a design.

     Another reason why companies use this product is for gifting purposes. Today, bulk quantities f laptop sleeves are available at cheap and economical prices; which makes them the ideal corporate gifts. Presenting such a gift to employees, clients and visitors at various corporate events, not only benefits the company due to brand promotion but also the receiver who can use such an item on a daily basis. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties!

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Monday, 2 April 2018

Five reasons why I consider key chains better as promotional merchandise

        A few days ago, a friend of mine was in need of a promotional item that could be distributed at a trade show event. He was looking for something that could market his brand as well as be useful to people in a variety of ways; something that wouldn’t be thrown away as soon as people left the venue. After brainstorming for an hour, he took my advice of using key chains. While some of you might disagree and choose something better like a pen, pencil or even t-shirts, I personally believe that a keychain with name can better serve its user due to many reasons.

          Here are five reasons why I consider a keychain with photo as a better promotional item.

1)    Better lasting life
For starters, keychains last longer than other promotional items. A pen with an empty ink isn’t replaced but thrown in the bin. Pencils have a limited amount of lead. But a keychain doesn’t have anything that ‘hinders’ its lifespan. This longer durability helps it form a bond with the user. People are less likely to discard something that they’ve been using for a long time.

2)    More useful to its owners
Unlike other products, a keychain is used every day. It is a nifty little device that provides convenience to its users by holding a wide variety of other items like keys, whistles, pen drives, bottle openers and souvenirs.

3)    Provide better brand promotion
Keychains are carried everywhere - from offices to bars to parks making them visible to a newer audience every day. A shiny keychain with name instantly attracts attention and is remembered better.

4)    More accepted as a promotional product
People are often apprehensive about receiving certain promotional merchandise. Nobody likes to be burdened with an item that does more for the receiver than the giver. One is less likely to wear a shirt that only promotes a certain company but more likely to use a keychain that can hold your pocket items.

5)    Better as gifts
There is a rising trend in giving customized items made specifically for a person. Rather than go for a generic gift with a “Best Wishes” card, today people prefer a keychain with photo or a personalized mug as it better conveys their feelings towards their loved ones. 

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Have a Promotional Jacket to Renew Your Company’s Reputation

You might have become crazy about what to choose as a good branding option in order to increase your consumers and eventually your respective sales. What we not do to collect as much revenue as we can in order to further kick start our ventures at specified time intervals! Let’s not go more tensed about this. A good and effective option of promotional jackets is waiting for you. There are the promotional jackets which can be effectively used for your varying needs of the year.

Undoubtedly, there are many driving options for making your respective brand seen, praised and followed by large number of people. There are tee shirts, sweats, caps, bags, hoods and vibrant gift items which are being boomingly used in many reputed circle of importance. Now there are these jackets that are being exclusively used for worthy promotional work. 

 Let us take a quick good look at the varying benefits it serves for fulfilling your specific needs of the day.

· Huge space for good customisation: The jackets provide an immense space for custom printing, designing and embroidering the way as you like. It’s quite marvellous, isn’t it! A jacket can be easily inscribed with your company’s logos, signs, employee’s designation, address, telephone number and other necessary information.
· Comes in colourful patterns: The jackets can be accessed in many colourful patterns which can look attractive and mesmerising. One can have this outer wear being sublimated in many colourful patterns, single and sober colours and other preferred patterns.
· Classy way to appeal to a huge mass of people: Promotional jacket manufacturers in India appeals to a wide network of people very uniquely. Doesn’t believe this! You should have a wise look at it. Jackets have always been considered as the commodity of rich. But today, this has been reversed. These wears can be easily available in reasonable prices yet being quite classy and attractive. 
· Cost effective wholesale purchases: In the wholesale dealing of these jackets, you can avail huge discounts. The condition is whom you are choosing. One should select a suitable supplier who can give your products in absolutely negotiating values. 
· Workable items as giveaway:  Jackets can be used for good options as giveaway in many official meetings, company’s events, conferences and other vital metes.
Search a best supplier in the online market to capture quality products in affordable prices.

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