Monday, 2 April 2018

Five reasons why I consider key chains better as promotional merchandise

        A few days ago, a friend of mine was in need of a promotional item that could be distributed at a trade show event. He was looking for something that could market his brand as well as be useful to people in a variety of ways; something that wouldn’t be thrown away as soon as people left the venue. After brainstorming for an hour, he took my advice of using key chains. While some of you might disagree and choose something better like a pen, pencil or even t-shirts, I personally believe that a keychain with name can better serve its user due to many reasons.

          Here are five reasons why I consider a keychain with photo as a better promotional item.

1)    Better lasting life
For starters, keychains last longer than other promotional items. A pen with an empty ink isn’t replaced but thrown in the bin. Pencils have a limited amount of lead. But a keychain doesn’t have anything that ‘hinders’ its lifespan. This longer durability helps it form a bond with the user. People are less likely to discard something that they’ve been using for a long time.

2)    More useful to its owners
Unlike other products, a keychain is used every day. It is a nifty little device that provides convenience to its users by holding a wide variety of other items like keys, whistles, pen drives, bottle openers and souvenirs.

3)    Provide better brand promotion
Keychains are carried everywhere - from offices to bars to parks making them visible to a newer audience every day. A shiny keychain with name instantly attracts attention and is remembered better.

4)    More accepted as a promotional product
People are often apprehensive about receiving certain promotional merchandise. Nobody likes to be burdened with an item that does more for the receiver than the giver. One is less likely to wear a shirt that only promotes a certain company but more likely to use a keychain that can hold your pocket items.

5)    Better as gifts
There is a rising trend in giving customized items made specifically for a person. Rather than go for a generic gift with a “Best Wishes” card, today people prefer a keychain with photo or a personalized mug as it better conveys their feelings towards their loved ones. 

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